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106 Kupuohi Street, Suite B-1
Lahaina, HI, 96761

(808) 661-0923

Guy Junker Maui Artist



Guy Junker was a Maui artist who was know for his innovative panel paintings which are a delicate balance of painting and sculpture. Rediscovering ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs (stone carvings) was a favorite subject of exploration for Guy.  Combining the ancient wisdom of the petroglyphs with modern geometric panels and shapes is an exciting blending of the old and the new. Guy also enjoyed painting the flowers of nature and how they interact with a modern patterns and backgrounds.  


Maui artist Guy Junker (June 7, 1972 - October 18, 2015) was a force to be reckoned with - a multi-medium fine artist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and world-class samurai swordsman.  Guy cast a permanent imprint upon the hearts and lives of all who knew and loved him. 


Born in Kansas and raised in California, in 1994, Guy chose Lahaina, Maui as his permanent home.  Although best known for his innovative panel paintings and stone carvings, Guy’s brilliant mind and disciplined resolve made him a crackerjack at his every undertaking - from woodcraft to technology to world languages (among much more).  He gave liberally of his time, talent, and self-made funds, and was also a beloved Sensei for the Maui Komei Juku Beikoku Honbu (USA headquarters for the study of Iaijutsu).  Even after his tragic, recent passing (following an accident on his electric bicycle), Guy continued to give.  Guy's healthy heart, kidneys, liver, corneas and veins have saved numerous lives, contributed to science, and given sight to the blind. Though his legacy lives on, Guy will forever be deeply missed.

"KEOLA" Magazine, Winter 2015